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Kalamazoo Gaming

This is a list of gaming-related sites for Kalamazoo, Portage and the surrounding communities.

Clubs and Groups

BoardGameGeek Guild - West Michigan - Group for BGG users from St. Joseph to the Grand Rapids metro area looking to find other players and communicate with each other.

Kalamazoo Ultimate Blood Bowl League - Local league for Games Workshop's Blood Bowl. Meets at The Odyssey Store.

Kalamazoo Casual Game Players - A loosely-organized group of game players based in the Kalamazoo/Portage, MI area.

The Kalamazoo Go Club - A small group of Go enthusiasts that meet once a week to play games and come up with ways to get more people to play games.

The Kalamazoo Dungeons & Dragons Meetup Group - Monthly meeting of D&D enthusiasts in the Kalamazoo area.

The Prairieville Gaming League - A gaming group that meets in Prairieville, Michigan

Western Michigan Gamers Guild - Home of the web page you are viewing right now.


Marmalade Dog - Our own gaming convention held yearly in Kalamazoo.

Kuzuri Con - Anime convention in Battle Creek with a gaming component.

Electronic Gaming

The BoxHeads - LAN party hosting group located primarily in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids area.

Parkview LAN - LAN party hosted at WMU's Parkview campus by the Computer Club of Western Michigan University.

Virtual World Entertainment, LLC - Home of the location based BattleTech pods. This former division of FASA is now based in Kalamazoo.

Western Tr1be Gaming - Registered student organization at WMU dedicated to computer gaming with a focus on StarCraft II.

E-mail Lists

Kalamazoo Board Gamers (Yahoo! Groups) - Group for board gamers of all kinds in the Kalamazoo area to contact each other.

Hobbyist Developers

The Saga of Logatroth - An original "role-playing board game" developed locally by Walter Jensen.

The Near East Campaign - Based in an unofficial D20 setting created by local Michael Dallaire. Currently looking for players in the Kalamazoo area.

Terenna (Yahoo! Groups) - A group to discuss the World of Terenna, a private campaign world played in Kalamazoo.

Live Action Role-Playing Games

Final Haven - An open source LARP which was developed, tested, and currently operates in Kalamazoo with some events in Ionia.

Sharded LARP - Dark epic fantasy LARP in the Kalamazoo area

Winter Haven LARP - Uses the same system and timeline as Final Haven with a different setting. This LARP is played in Lawton.

Professional Developers & Manufacturers

Bloated Toad Games - Creators of the board game Kingdom Quoor

DeLano Service, Inc. - One of the nation's premier turnkey card and board game printers.

Spark Games LLC - Creators of the board game Questionary.


Fanfare Sports and Entertainment - A local hobby shop with a large selection of gaming supplies and comics.

The Odyssey Store - Located just down the street from WMU and specializing in gaming supplies.

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